Vidros Vidros
The glaze represents an essential component in the ceramic activity, so there is often the need to make rigorous adjustments to the production process of each client. To achieve the excellence that we so proudly show to our customers, we develop and produce a wide range of different types of glazes when it’s necessary to make the requested changes to have always a perfect solution to each and every customer.
Our productive layout has been developed in a way that offers total flexibility, making us extremely competitive in this area.
It’s with this target that we are now also developing glazes to the bathroom equipment industry.
Investment co-financed by POFC (Operational Competitiveness Programme)
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Ref Glazed type Cubic Expansion Coefficient (x10-7ºC) Firing temperature Earthenware Stoneware Sanitary PDF
TP-01 Transparent 62.5 1000ºC Ok PDF
OB-03 Opaque 62.5 1000ºC Ok PDF
OB-04 Opaque 59.5 1000ºC Ok PDF
MO-19 Opaque Mat 60 1000ºC Ok PDF
TRC-01 Transparent Mat 64 1000ºC Ok PDF
VSN09 Sanitaryware 57.5 1230ºC Ok PDF