Fábrica Linha de Produção Funcionários
Pastceram, S.A. was created in 2001 with the purpose of producing body clays to the tableware and decorative ceramics. In 2005, the opportunity presented itself to extend the company’s activity to the business of ceramic products with a wide range and variety that goes from: glazes, stains, tools to kiln furniture, ceramic plaster, precious metals, third firing products, etc. In 2007, began the construction of a milling glazes unit, which gives us, nowadays, the capability to supply all the kinds of glazes to the ceramic industry and flexibility to adapt them to the needs of each client.
During the year os 2009, we started the QREN SI innovation project with the purpose of enlarging the markets through the development of a new product with characteristics also adjusted to exportation: paste, glass and ceramic engobes, in powder.
Due to this new project and with interior development in our laboratory we also started in 2011 the production of ceramic paste in powder for bathroom equipment and porcelain industry.
Matching the quality, innovation, productive capability and efficiency of the technical assistance and customer care, Pastceram, S.A., has become leader in the ceramic market, once we offer our clients solutions to all of their needs.
Nowadays, we export a significant portion of our production abroad and we already export a significant part of our production to Spain, France, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria We are also, expanding our business to other continents as to become a worldwide multi-range company.
In our website, you can find disclosed all the information about our products, both technical and others.
Investment co-financed by POFC (Operational Competitiveness Programme)
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